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My first Underwater Hockey Sculpture, hopefully the first of many. Cast by the amazing Ian Edwards  🤗. 🔹️
Yep you read right, Underwater Hockey also known as Octopush. I'll try to explain...this is a sport I have played for the last 12 years. It's played at the bottom of a swimming pool wearing a snorkel, mask, protective hat and fins in teams of 6 with 4 subs. Each player wears 1 glove and has a small stick (black or white to distinguish teams) which is used to push or flick the puck around the pool and into the goal. The puck is heavy and flat like an icy hockey puck so it stays on bottom of the pool and the aim is to get it into the metal tin goal at the other end of the pool. Two teams race to get to the puck in the centre, and that is what I'm doing in the 4th photo.  I love that it's a mixed sport. It's one of those games that levels the playing field between men and women or young and old. It doesn't make a difference whether you are strong and tall, you can be fast and small instead.


I love how strong she looks. In this moment she is swimming fast down to the bottom of the pool. To receive the puck from a team mate or to take the puck off the opposition. It is such a familiar pose to any uwh player.




We have a wonderful ballerina as our model. She is in a great pose, tying her ballet shoes and contemplating the dancing to come.

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