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Seascapes and Landscapes


0235 - On this vase, I've tried to portray the almost fluffy quality of the trees in the distance and the rougher, harsher lines in the foreground.

This photograph was taken along the south Irish coast.

0328 - This vase was inspired by the sharp, misty mountains that I saw on my travels in Peru. I feel that this runny white glaze creates a feeling of motion, with thicker patches that pool like mist in the valleys of the mountains.


The glaze falls away from the clay in places creating rough textured areas like the rocks and cliff sections of the mountains.

0325 - I've tried to capture the feeling of moving water on this vase with the undercurrent of smooth waves and sharp crests across the surface.

It makes me think of the The Great Wave  woodblock print by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai.

0327 - This piece feels very soothing to me with the soft rolling hills and different distances highlighted by the depth of colour. The raw clay almost scratching its way through to create the hill outlines.

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